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Eminence Organic Skin Care Product Line


Eminence Organic Skin Care is one of our natural, organic product lines that uses organically grown, hand-picked fresh herbs, fruits, vegetables and pure spring water in their nourishing, rejuvenating products. Not only rich in essential minerals, nutrients, vitamins and antioxidants, but all products are also free of harmful chemicals.
Furthermore the Eminence Organic Skin Care products cover a variety of skin care regiments, meaning no matter your skin type, you can find a natural solution. All-natural actives scent the products with delicious fruity aromas and herbal scents that leave you smelling as great as your skin feels.
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Eminence Organic Skin Care’s commitment to green industry extends from farming to packaging. Powered by solar and wind energy, their ingredient farm in Hungary uses geothermal heating to harvest only from controlled areas to avoid damaging native flowers and herbs. From natural compost to natural plant preservation, all planting and harvesting occurs manually to reduce carbon dioxide production. And, finally, Eminence Organic Skin Care uses only post-consumer recycled materials for their packaging.

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Natulique Organic Hair Care Product Line


The history of NATULIQUE founders is rooted in challenges related to harsh allergies, asthma and other health issues. Confronted with these challenges within their family and their circle of friends, the founders of NATULIQUE became aware of one important thing. There is a strong link that exists between health issues and the toxins, harmful chemicals and pesticides that are found in most cosmetic products.
At Natulique they realized that the market for trustworthy, natural and organic hair and skin products was extremely limited. So they decided to make it their mission to bring safer, cleaner cosmetics to a market desperately in need of change.
As one of the best natural, organic product lines, NATULIQUE has an important advantage over other manufacturers. Given that they developed their highly effective natural and organic products in a safe and responsible environment. Denmark, being the first country in the world to implement an environmental law, has historically taken a progressive stance on environmental preservation, ensuring safer and more sustainable production methods.
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At NATULIQUE they understand that Hair Colouring is an art. One thing is creating great colours. Another thing all together is applying great colours. NATULIQUE works in close cooperation with hair colourists all over the world to ensure that NATULIQUE natural colours are more then just colours, but colours as demanded by professional colourists! 

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Cliove Organic Hair Care Product Line
Cliove Organic Hair Products made of olive oil
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Cliove has a fresh approach to hair care products. At organic product lines like Cliove they understand that effective products are derived from valuable ingredients. That’s why each and every Cliove product starts with your hair’s new best friend: Olive Oil. 
Olive Oil has been accepted for centuries as one of the best-kept beauty secrets. It was Cleopatra, the famous Queen of Egypt, who made Olive Oil part of her beauty routine. Due to its properties to nourish hair by sealing in moisture, it is also combating dry or damaged fibers from chemical processing. Moreover it is improving elasticity and controlling frizz, while enhancing your hair to keep it shiny, soft and healthy, just like Cleopatra’s. Today they capture the essence of Olive Oil and continue is legacy throughout the product line.
Cliove imports high-quality organic Olive Oil directly from the land of Israel to deliver a nourishing, exotic hair experience while maintaining the natural balance of your hair. With a combination of nature’s purest oils as well as cutting edge innovations in hair care, Cliove is an “all hair type” embracing company that focuses on restoring and nurturing your hair.

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Our Not-So-Organic Brands

Schwarzkopf Logo


With roots more than 115 years old, the products of Schwarzkopf Professional, a part of Henkel group, can be found in salons on every continent. The company currently holds 7,600 patents, each one a new milestone in hair care. With award-winning product lines Igora, Essensity, BlondMe, BC Bonacure, and Osis+, Schwarzkopf Professional keeps the hairdresser at the heart of everything they do, according to the company, as they spread their message: “Together. A Passion for Hair.”

From experimental to traditional colourists, all agree that the Schwarzkopf Professional range is an essential in any stylists’ workplace.

Schwarzkopf Professional Hair Product Line

Any Schwarzkopf Professional hair colour promises a luscious tonal range. With their brilliant lighteners and tone enhancers, you can intensify or neutralise colour depending entirely on your client’s vision. And their unique non-sticky formulas are the building blocks of all their shampoos, developers and enhancers, so clients are really getting the finest quality.

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