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Hush & Hush PlantYourDay is a plant-based vegan protein powder for optimal gut health and balanced skin.

  • Formulated with organic pumpkin and pea protein and prebiotics and probiotics
  • 110 calories, 17 grams of protein, 1 gram of sugar, 2 grams of fat
  • pH balancing and alkalizing
  • A delicious chocolate flavor
  • Doubles as a meal replacement when fruit, milk or other ingredients are added
  • Vegan

Size: 14.18 oz jar

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About PlantYourDay

A healthy body, and healthy skin, starts in the gut. When the gut flora is out of balance (due to diet, antibiotic use, lifestyle choices and environment), the result can be breakouts, skin redness, dermatitis, stomach and digestion issues, increased cholesterol, anxiety, depression, obesity and chronic pain. That’s where prebiotics (acts like food for probiotics) and probiotics (good bacteria that keeps the bacteria in the gut in check) come in, which are superstar ingredients in our nutritious supergreens-, superfruits- and superfoods-rich protein powder that rebalances the body from the inside out. Providing long-lasting energy and a dose of fiber, the plant-based antioxidant and anti-inflammatory-packed formula limits internal inflammation, in turn helping to improve skin clarity, redness and imperfections.

This easy-to-digest formula doesn’t come with many of the negative effects that are typically found in other protein powders, including bloating, cramping and an upset stomach. Plus, PlantYourDay also improves digestion, mental clarity and immunity.

Rebalance from the inside to look better on the outside.

How to Use

Take this in the A.M.

Mix two scoops of powder with milk or almond milk and enjoy. PlantYourDay can also be added to hot coffee or used in your favorite recipes.



  • Organic Pea Protein: contains soluble fibers
  • Organic Pumpkin Seed Protein: rich in unsaturated fatty acids and vitamin E


  • Organic Broccoli: good source of vitamin C
  • Organic Alfalfa Juice: contains digestive enzymes and is rich in protein
  • Purslane: high in omega-3 fatty acids
  • Kelp: a natural source of vitamins
  • Aloe Vera Leaf: helps lower cholesterol and blood sugar levels


  • Dandelion: anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidative
  • Turmeric Root Extract: a potent anti-inflammatory
  • Horsetail: has diuretic effects
  • Milk Thistle Seed: treats a range of health conditions
  • Rose Hips: anti-inflammatory agent


  • Beet Root: contains betalains, which have high antioxidant capabilities
  • Red Raspberry Fruit: high in vitamins and minerals
  • Acai Berry Fruit: antioxidant-rich superfruit
  • Goji Berry Fruit: high levels of zeaxanthin
  • Pomegranate: rich in fiber and antioxidants
  • Peach Fruit: reduces bad cholesterol
  • Blueberry Fruit: loaded with fibers


  • White Korean Ginseng: boosts energy
  • Green Tea Extract: one of the most powerful antioxidants because of polyphenols


  • Organic Cinnamon: boosts metabolism
  • Fiber (from inulin): improves digestive health
  • Horsetail: has diuretic effects
  • Milk Thistle Seed: treats a range of health conditions
  • Psyllium Husk: plant-derived fiber
  • Aloe Vera Leaf: helps lower cholesterol and blood sugar levels


What does PlantYourDay taste like?
The overall taste is chocolate, but because we put all the good stuff in PlantYourDay you may notice a bit of a mild ‘green’ undertone.

What is the best ‘base’ to mix with PlantYourDay?
We recommend mixing two scoops of PlantYourDay with 3/4 cup of any type of milk—cow’s milk, almond milk, nut milk, whatever you fancy. It also adds a mocha-y taste to coffee that’s absolutely delicious.

Is PlantYourDay vegan?
Yes. PlantYourDay is vegan and 100% plant-based.

What strain of probiotics is used in PlantYourDay? And is it derived from dairy?
The probiotic strain is Lactobacillus acidophilus. It is not derived from dairy and it is allergen-free

Is PlantYourDay gluten free?
Yes! PlantYourDay is gluten free.


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